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Back in 2005 when my eldest son, James, was nine and I thought it about time to try and teach him some programming. Since he has always been big into computer and console games, it seemed like a good idea to try and create some sort of action game. We decided to couple this enthusiasm with the Doctor Who "fever" that swept our household following the release of the 2005 series. The result is DALEKTRON which you can download free from this site.

NEW VERSION 1.1.30b (20th September 2007)
You should download this to get Microsoft Vista support.

By the way, one cool feature that most people don't know about is the ability to add extra background music to the game. Initially, DALEKTRON installs with a version of the 2005 Dr Who theme tune by OddSprite (used by permission). However, there are lots of other great themes out there at places like WhoMix. Simply copy the additional MP3 theme tune files to the C:\Program Files\Dalektron\Resources\Sounds folder and these will be played randomly during the game.

James and I hope you enjoy playing DALEKTRON .  Don't forget to register your high scores here so you can get global recognition for your DALEKTRON prowess.  The high scores will appear both on the website and on the "Wall of Fame" in the game (assuming you have an active Internet connection when playing, of course).


Andy Bower
September 2007

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